Will it be another Red Sox sweep? It sure looked that way last night!

The first game against the Evil Empire took place Tuesday night at the Yankee stadium and it
started off great for the Red Sox, the top of the 1st inning the Sox were leading 3-0. To actually
pour some gas on the fire John Lester managed to hit one of the Yankee players in the knee
with a pitch so the spirits got more agitated, but the Yankees did not manage to score but
one in the first inning as Big Papi (David Ortiz) had a great catch to throw for the 3rd out of the

Pedroia had an RBI double in the second to make it 4-1. Garcia intentionally walked Gonzalez to load
the bases, ending his night. After Ellsbury connected, Dustin Pedroia walked, Gonzalez tripled and Kevin
Youkilis hit a sacrifice fly.

The game went on with the Yankees trying to catch up to David Ortiz hitting a two-run homer and
Jonathan Papelbon laboring through the ninth inning to earn his 200th save, leading the Boston Red Sox
over the New York Yankees 6-4 Tuesday night.

So as the first game of the three game series ended, we come to the conclusion that this year Red Sox
are on top of the Yankees. So right not we are tied with the Yankees for the first place but I want to say
that will not happen for long.


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