Red Sox Remain in 1st Place (0.5 Game Lead)

Through the rain delays, traveling, interleague play and all the other issues, the Boston Red Sox are barely holding onto 1st place in the AL East.  The Red Sox have had to be creative with their lineup not having a DH in the lineup.  To their benefit however, Josh Beckett has been known to have a few great offensive outings vs interleague teams in the past years.

Adrian Gonzalez told Terry Francona that he would play in right field if he needs Big Papi to play at first base in the series against the Pittsburgh Pirates.  This is a very un-selfish move on the part of Gonzalez which allows David Ortiz to move from DH to 1st base (no DH at NL stadiums).  This allows Francona to keep 2 hot bats in the lineup.  Boston Red Sox tickets and other baseball tickets can be purchased at Front Row King.

“I’ll do whatever is needed for the team,” said Gonzalez. “I know I’m not an outfielder, but if it meant to get Papi in the game, it’s definitely something I would do.”


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