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Not So Promising Start

I know, I know… we’re only 4 games into the season.  But, who would have thought that Baltimore and Toronto would be tied for first and Tampa Bay and Boston would be tied for last?

So the Sox need a win, big time!  I haven’t really gotten into the Sox a whole lot yet (following but not watching) and it’s NOT because I am a fare-weather fan… it’s because I still have up to 18 inches of snow in parts of my yard and until it reaches 60 degrees, Forecast says Saturday and Sunday (fingers crossed), then it still seems like hockey season.

But when I do settle in and get my baseball on, I will be all serious about it!  It usually takes a few weeks for me anyway because I am so wrapped up in hockey and basketball.  I am hoping the Bruins do real well this post season.  I would take a Bruins championship over a Celtics championship this year, easy!  It’s not likely that the Dallas Stars are going to make the playoffs but that would be a great Stanley Cup match up…. Bruins vs Stars!  The fighting, bad blood, emotion and so on would be one of the best matchups to see!

Come on Sox, win a couple and at least get to .500 by the end of next week!  The Yankees are coming to town tomorrow and it would be a great way to resurrect the beginning of the season to take 2 or 3!


Ahhh…. Opening Day

Opening day.  The day where some teams are undefeated and some teams are winless.  Being from New England… I am much looking forward to opening day at Fenway Park.  Although there are no guarantees, the start of baseball in New England typically means no more snow.  Here it is, April 1st, 2011 and we are expecting up to 12 inches of snow in New England.  The general consensus… ENOUGH ALREADY, we just started getting rid of the snow we already had!

Who knows how long it will last…

So the Red Sox will take on the Texas Rangers today for the Rangers home opener.  The Rangers made a good push last year and had a chance at a World Series trophy!  Good for them!  This year, they are without some of the key cogs from last year but still have a solid team.  Keep an eye on them this season, they should be fired up all season.

Many people are saying the Red Sox are the team to beat in the AL and could win 100 + games this season.  Injuries will be the determining factor there!  A healthy Red Sox team will be a successful Red Sox team. 

The biggest question for the Sox is in the shortstop position.  Marco Scutaro will be starting there this season and although everyone loves Jed Lowrie, the management has to consider the young, Jose Iglesias, Pawtucket’s star shortstop.


Oh yeah, and the Fenway Park opener is 1 week away against the New York Yankees!

Ready to Hate the Tampa Bay Rays Even More?

Well, turns out, the Rays picked up a couple former Sox Idiots… Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez.  Damon and Manny both played on championship years for the Red Sox and became very famous and well liked (until they moved on to other teams).

Manny’s departure was due to his disruption in the locker room, lack of “fire” on the field and many other small things that added up after time.  Sure he was a likable guy when he wasn’t “fielding” or “base running”, but that isn’t a necessary ingredient for a championship team.

Damon left the Sox for the Yankees.  Enough said.

There isn’t much you can do to change the minds of Boston fans after you leave Boston for New York… willingly!  Sox fans soon got over the departure of Damon after realizing that there are plenty of outfielders that can actually throw.

So the Rays cashed in?  Not really.  I think it’s more of a move to annoy fellow AL East teams than anything.  Damon and Manny are on the tail end of their careers and their performance will almost certainly not be what it was when they were in their prime.

Red Sox 2011 Season Cannot Come Fast Enough!

The Bruins are playing like crap… the Patriots are out… the Celtics have tons of injuries…. Boston needs the Red Sox back FAST!

Not to mention that this morning, parts of New England reached -20 degrees… yes, NEGATIVE.  And that doesn’t include the wind chill factor. YIKES!

So the count down to the home opener (against the Yankees) is underway.  73 days, 20 hours and 19 minutes until first pitch (assuming the game starts at 7:05 pm).

I cannot wait till baseball season!

Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN: Boston Red Sox

ESPN has released a partial list of games that they will broadcast on Sunday Nights in 2011.  Games involving the Red Sox are as follows:

Red Sox vs Yankees (Sunday, April 10th)
Red Sox vs Cubs (Sunday, May 22nd)
Red Sox vs Rays (Sunday, July 17th)

ESPN will likely be adding more games soon that may or may not feature the Boston Red Sox. 

Boston Red Sox Opening Day Tickets

Opening day 2011 at Fenway Park will feature the Boston Red Sox hosting the New York Yankees.  Opening day at Fenway Park is always a special day… lots of activities, spring baseball, and the atmosphere of baseball being back in Boston after a long winter.

The Yankees come to Boston for yet another opening day matchup against the Boston Red Sox.  The Red Sox vs Yankees games are always important games and this year, both teams have lots of different changes to their teams.

When the Yankees come to town, the tickets are always difficult to find and in high demand.  That is the same to say for opening day game tickets.  When the Yankees visit on opening day, that makes it a little bit tougher to find tickets.

No worries, if you need tickets for opening day at Fenway Park, you can always visit: Red Sox vs Yankees tickets to order your tickets online.

2011 Red Sox Home Opener Against Yankees

It happens from time to time.  This season, it happens.  The Red Sox host the New York Yankees in the home-opener at Fenway Park.

The 3 game series is scheduled for April 8th, 9th and 10th.  The Red Sox made a lot of bold moves and could possibly have the best lineup in the American League.  The Yankees didn’t quite land the free agents that they hoped for.

Jeter on the other hand, is back in a Yankees uniform (well, not BACK, but still) after testing the free agent market.  There were only really a few teams that could afford him and he seems like the type of person that will end his career with the same team he played for since day 1… (I think Pedroia is one of those players too).

Can’t wait for opening day.  They should have that 5 year old give the Miracle Speech again, that was hilarious!