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Boston vs Chicago Game 2: Red Sox Send Buchholz, White Sox Send Danks

Tonight’s match-up fill feature Boston’s Clay Buchholz vs Chicago’s John Danks in game 2 of the Red Sox vs White Sox series.  Chicago took game 1 and Boston is looking to put a few wins together to get out of the bottom of the AL East standings.

Through 1 decision so far, here is how the pitchers compare.

Record: Danks (1-0), Buchholz (0-1)

ERA: Danks (4.15), Buchholz (6.97)

Strikeouts: Danks (10), Buchholz (9)

John Danks has the edge in all the major stats through n1 game each, however, if you look at their career match-ups, Buchholz has an advantage against Chicago and Danks has not fared so well against Boston.


Clay Buchholz career vs Chicago White Sox:

35.2 Innings

2-2 Record

4.29 ERA

24 Strikeouts


John Danks career vs Boston Red Sox:

52 Innings

3-6 Record

5.37 ERA

40 Strikeouts


Ticket Demand for Red Sox Heating Up Despite Start

Tickets for the Boston Red Sox are still among the top sports tickets in the secondary ticket market.  Fans have waited a long, cold, windy, snowy winter in the Boston area to see their Red Sox come back and kick off a new season.  With the addition of a 3rd World Series trophy in 10 years, the Red Sox shocked baseball analysts in 2013.  Most experts picked the Red Sox to finish 4th… not in the MLB, not in the AL…. in the AL East.  The Sox prevailed and it was the story of unsung heroes, beards and unlikely results that brought Boston back to the World Series.

The 2014 season has been a much anticipated season and there is no doubt, the Red Sox have struggled thus far.  Despite their record and despite their performance thus far, fans are still handing over big bucks for tickets to Red Sox games.  According to Fenway Ticket King, ticket prices are up almost 20% from this time last year.  The price is not deterring Sox fans, Ticket News currently has the Boston Red Sox ranked number 4 overall in sports among tickets sold on the secondary ticket market (ticket resellers).

There is a good chance that ticket prices will even out and become more consistent with last years prices however.  Boston Red Sox tickets are expected to fluctuate and lower based on the team’s performance.  This has yet to be seen, however there are several other factors that are in play when dealing with ticket prices.  Weekend games are usually higher ticket prices.  Games against rivals and good teams also can increase ticket prices and demand.  Also, closer to game day, the starting pitchers can also alter the price of tickets.

If you’re looking at Red Sox tickets for the 2014 season, there is no guarantee that tickets will become cheaper closer to gameday.  However, if you do wait till the last minute, you can still order online.  E-Tickets, next day delivery and local pickup allow fans to order tickets the day before or the day of and still secure their tickets before the game.


Report: Red Sox contact Bengie Molina

FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal reports that the Red Sox have made contact
with free agent Bengie Molina but are not ready to move on him yet.

anyone’s guess as to what kind of shape Molina is in these days, but he
could be appealing with Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Jason Varitek
combining to hit .179/.246/.241 in 123 plate appearances this season.
Ivan Rodriguez has also been a name floated as a possibility for the
Sox, but Rosenthal says Boston is “cool” on him. Regardless of who the
target ends up being, it’s become pretty clear that the Sox will seek to
upgrade behind the plate before the trade deadline. Source:
FOXSports.com May 8, 12:28 PM

The sooner the scrap the Saltalamessia experiment, the better.

Molina, if he is in good playing shape cannot be any worse than Saltymess.

I-Rod, even being past his prime cannot hurt. At least he can call a game.

one might need a get in shape assignment in AAA for a few games. Just
get something done soon, get them in shape & get Saltymess out of

I don’t know about Molina, anyway I trust more Salty now than Tek. Salty
could get better, while Varitek is pretty much finished. Quite similar
to Wake, great history with RS but not too much good input in the

Is Terry Francona on the Hot Seat?

It might be hard to believe, but it’s true. Francona is a good guy
and he has done a great job as the Red Sox manager. But now he is on the hot seat.

team was predicted to win it all. Even the Sox players themselves
acknowledge they have the talent to win 100 or more games this year, yes 100+.

we’ve been in last place a lot, and there are 20+ teams with better records
in baseball than the Red Sox. This is unacceptable. The team had a poor spring training and nothing seemed to kick start the team when the season started.

Terry Francona is now on the hot seat. If this talented
team continues this pathetic play, then it would be a dereliction f duty
by the ownership not to make a managerial change.

With the talent on the team, they still have the ability to win 100 games, but it will be very difficult and they better kick it on soon!  Francona better hope so too!

From Last to Third

All it took was a weekend!  The Red Sox moved from the bottom of the pack to third in the AL East.  They are now 10 – 11 which is half a game behind .500! 

If you were worried at the beginning of the season, no need to be worried now.  In the past 10 games, only two teams in the MLB have 8 or more wins… the Boston Red Sox (5 straight wins) and the Florida Marlins (1 straight win), making Boston the hottest team in the MLB despite their slow start.  Finally winning away games was something that plagued the team and the road record is now 5 – 7. 

The next series for Boston is Tuesday 4/26/11 against the Baltimore Orioles who are now in last place with a record of 8-12.

Jed Lowrie earned a spot in the lineup after starting the season with 22 hits in 51 at bats (.431 average).

Go Sox, keep up the good work!

Not So Promising Start

I know, I know… we’re only 4 games into the season.  But, who would have thought that Baltimore and Toronto would be tied for first and Tampa Bay and Boston would be tied for last?

So the Sox need a win, big time!  I haven’t really gotten into the Sox a whole lot yet (following but not watching) and it’s NOT because I am a fare-weather fan… it’s because I still have up to 18 inches of snow in parts of my yard and until it reaches 60 degrees, Forecast says Saturday and Sunday (fingers crossed), then it still seems like hockey season.

But when I do settle in and get my baseball on, I will be all serious about it!  It usually takes a few weeks for me anyway because I am so wrapped up in hockey and basketball.  I am hoping the Bruins do real well this post season.  I would take a Bruins championship over a Celtics championship this year, easy!  It’s not likely that the Dallas Stars are going to make the playoffs but that would be a great Stanley Cup match up…. Bruins vs Stars!  The fighting, bad blood, emotion and so on would be one of the best matchups to see!

Come on Sox, win a couple and at least get to .500 by the end of next week!  The Yankees are coming to town tomorrow and it would be a great way to resurrect the beginning of the season to take 2 or 3!

Ahhh…. Opening Day

Opening day.  The day where some teams are undefeated and some teams are winless.  Being from New England… I am much looking forward to opening day at Fenway Park.  Although there are no guarantees, the start of baseball in New England typically means no more snow.  Here it is, April 1st, 2011 and we are expecting up to 12 inches of snow in New England.  The general consensus… ENOUGH ALREADY, we just started getting rid of the snow we already had!

Who knows how long it will last…

So the Red Sox will take on the Texas Rangers today for the Rangers home opener.  The Rangers made a good push last year and had a chance at a World Series trophy!  Good for them!  This year, they are without some of the key cogs from last year but still have a solid team.  Keep an eye on them this season, they should be fired up all season.

Many people are saying the Red Sox are the team to beat in the AL and could win 100 + games this season.  Injuries will be the determining factor there!  A healthy Red Sox team will be a successful Red Sox team. 

The biggest question for the Sox is in the shortstop position.  Marco Scutaro will be starting there this season and although everyone loves Jed Lowrie, the management has to consider the young, Jose Iglesias, Pawtucket’s star shortstop.


Oh yeah, and the Fenway Park opener is 1 week away against the New York Yankees!