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Are the Patriots now more popular than the Red Sox?

Sean Crowe of the Examiner writes that Boston is becoming less of a baseball town, and more of a football town.  The argument is that fans of Boston have been paying more attention to the New England Patriots than the Boston Red Sox.

I think what it comes down to is, what season is it?  The Celtics will pretty much have the edge over the Bruins 99% of the time because their respective seasons share the same length and time of year.

The Patriots and Red Sox however, don’t share the spotlight at the same time much because of the schedules.  When the Patriots start, the Red Sox are in the Playoff race and the Red Sox might be more popular.  When the Red Sox start spring training, the Patriots are ending their season (usually in the playoffs) and thus the Patriots are favored.

All in all, people of Boston think about baseball in the summer, football in the winter and all 4 sports in the fall.  It’s really tough to say.  Gillette Stadium holds 68,000 fans but only have 8 regular season home games.  Fenway Park holds 38,000 fans but have 80+ regular season games.  The attendance for both teams is usually close to 100% and both teams sell out all games.  TV ratings for both teams are probably very close as well.

As far as merchandise sold, I would bet that the Red Sox have a huge edge.  I see way more Red Sox hats, shirts, stickers and items than that of the Patriots.

If you had to pick 1 team to watch in Boston, which would it be?