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Boston Grasps 1st Place Going into All Star Break

The Red Sox completed the sweep of the Baltimore Orioles yesterday and continued their 6 game win streak into the All Star break.  Boston is 1.0 games up on the Yankees.

Boston players heading to the All Star game include: David Ortiz, Adrian Gonzalez, Jacoby Ellsbury, Kevin Youkilis, Josh Beckett and Jon Lester.  Boston is tied with the 2nd most all stars from one team.  The Yankees have the most with 8.

Boston will hopefully keep momentum on their side and continue establishing a lead between themselves and the rest of the AL East.  After the All Star break, Boston will travel to Tampa and then Baltimore.


Red Sox Back Within a Half Game in AL East

Tim WakefieldTim Wakefield and the Red Sox earned a win against the Toronto Blue Jays last night to come within .5 games of the Yankees in the AL East standings.  The Red Sox are 51-35 overall and the Yankees are 51-34 overall.

The Red Sox start a series against the Baltimore Orioles tonight in Boston and it’s a 4 game series that will take Boston up into the All Star Break.  Boston has a great chance to take a few wins from the struggling Baltimore Orioles the next few days and move ahead of the Yankees in the standings.

The Tampa Bay Rays are now 4 games behind New York and are also in the hunt of the AL East lead.  Adrian Gonzalez of the Red Sox was just named the player of the month for June in the American League.  Although pitchers on the Red Sox are on and off the DL, the Red Sox have found ways to win games and snap the brief loosing streak from 2 weeks ago.

It would be nice to see the Red Sox with a slight advantage over the Yankees in the AL Standings during the All Star break!

Red Sox Remain in 1st Place (0.5 Game Lead)

Through the rain delays, traveling, interleague play and all the other issues, the Boston Red Sox are barely holding onto 1st place in the AL East.  The Red Sox have had to be creative with their lineup not having a DH in the lineup.  To their benefit however, Josh Beckett has been known to have a few great offensive outings vs interleague teams in the past years.

Adrian Gonzalez told Terry Francona that he would play in right field if he needs Big Papi to play at first base in the series against the Pittsburgh Pirates.  This is a very un-selfish move on the part of Gonzalez which allows David Ortiz to move from DH to 1st base (no DH at NL stadiums).  This allows Francona to keep 2 hot bats in the lineup.  Boston Red Sox tickets and other baseball tickets can be purchased at Front Row King.

“I’ll do whatever is needed for the team,” said Gonzalez. “I know I’m not an outfielder, but if it meant to get Papi in the game, it’s definitely something I would do.”

Will it be another Red Sox sweep? It sure looked that way last night!

The first game against the Evil Empire took place Tuesday night at the Yankee stadium and it
started off great for the Red Sox, the top of the 1st inning the Sox were leading 3-0. To actually
pour some gas on the fire John Lester managed to hit one of the Yankee players in the knee
with a pitch so the spirits got more agitated, but the Yankees did not manage to score but
one in the first inning as Big Papi (David Ortiz) had a great catch to throw for the 3rd out of the

Pedroia had an RBI double in the second to make it 4-1. Garcia intentionally walked Gonzalez to load
the bases, ending his night. After Ellsbury connected, Dustin Pedroia walked, Gonzalez tripled and Kevin
Youkilis hit a sacrifice fly.

The game went on with the Yankees trying to catch up to David Ortiz hitting a two-run homer and
Jonathan Papelbon laboring through the ninth inning to earn his 200th save, leading the Boston Red Sox
over the New York Yankees 6-4 Tuesday night.

So as the first game of the three game series ended, we come to the conclusion that this year Red Sox
are on top of the Yankees. So right not we are tied with the Yankees for the first place but I want to say
that will not happen for long.

Standings Finally Shaping Up For AL East

It took some time, but the AL East is somewhat organized how it usually is at this time of the year…. The Red Sox and Yankees battling for the lead, Toronto and Tampa battling for 3rd/4th and the Orioles looking up at everyone else.

The Red Sox are half a game behind the Yankees and things are looking promising.  They are one of the hottest teams in baseball right now.  In their last 10 games, they are 8-2 (tied for best with 4 other teams).  Adrian Gonzalez is one of the hottest hitters right now (.340 batting average and 43 RBIs) and they had 20 hits in a 14 – 2 win over the Cleveland Indians last night.  Jacoby Ellsbury has also been great in terms of production with stolen bases, runs scored and obp.

Things are clicking for the Sox and it’s about time.  The Sox are on the road right now heading to Detroit for a 4 game series.  Next month, they have a few important series with the Blue Jays, Yankees and Rays!  A lot of moves in the standings are up for grabs.

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