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Adrian Gonzalez May Play Soon… Very Soon

It will be nice to see newly acquired Red Sox player, Adrian Gonzalez, in action for the first time.  That may happen next week, sooner if all goes well.

The Red Sox have been playing spring training baseball down in Fort Myers and the most action Gonzalez has seen so far was taking a few swings off a tee and minor batting practice.

Assuming nothing is wrong, he will be evaluated and the Red Sox will make a decision on letting him play this week or next week.  Spring training is much less competitive than regular season play so it won’t be a huge risk and will help Adrian get ready for the season with the rest of the team.

Spring training is any team’s way of shaking the rust off and gearing up for another season.  Looking ahead, April isn’t too far off.  The Red Sox home opener against the Yankees is now about a month and a half away or less.

Seeing a healthy lineup on opening day would be a great way to start the season in the mind of any Sox fan! The AL East is going to depend on the health of the Red Sox!

Go Sox!


J.D. Drew’s Future with the Red Sox

JD Drew is facing a contract year.  His health obviously has prevented him from being a consistent part of the Red Sox lineup.  Drew isn’t getting any younger and he seems to always be injured.

With that being said, Drew has ambitions of spending more time with his family and pursuing some of his favorite outdoor hobbies and sports.

The Red Sox have an abundance of talent lined up in the outfield position.  There is a great chance that 2011 is JD Drew’s last year with Boston and a good chance that he will retire all together.

In 2011, Drew will have to remain healthy, perform consistently  and possibly take a large pay cut to re-sign with Boston for 2012. 

Only time will tell.