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Red Sox Record Best in AL, 2nd in MLB

The Red Sox are holding onto the best winning percentage in the American League with a record of 58 wins and 36 losses (.617 win %).  The Red Sox have 68 games remaining this season and if they maintain a .617 winning percentage, they are scheduled to win another 42 games.  That would put their record at 100-62 for the season!

A 100 (or more) win season isn’t necessarily a lock for playoff success… many teams know that a 100+ win season and the World Series trophy are a rare combination.  However, it would be great as a Red Sox fan to see Boston with a 100+ win season over the Yankees.  The Sox were off to a slow start this season and since have been playing better than .617.  If you look at the record from May till now, the Red Sox are 47-21.  That is a .691 win percentage.  Now if you factor in the remaining 68 games along with the win percentage since May 1, 2011, the Record would figure to be 105-57 (47 wins out of 68 games remaining).  That would hold true IF the Sox maintain their current winning percentage.  I know it is very substantial and there are many variables here, BUT baseball is a game of numbers and averages.

105 wins would tie the Red Sox all time wins record in a season (1912) and would make the top 20 MLB records of all time.  To tie the MLB all time record, the Red Sox would have to win 58 out of 68 remaining games.  58 – 10 is not impossible, but also not probable.  58-10 would be a win % of .853.  The record is held by both Seattle Mariners (2001) and the Chicago Cubs (1906) with 116 wins.