Where to Buy Red Sox Tickets

There are several places to purchase Boston Red Sox tickets online.  First thing you would want to try is the Boston Red Sox box office.  When tickets go on sale before the season starts, hundreds of thousands of people go online the day tickets are released to get tickets from RedSox.com.   The only problem is that tickets sell out very fast!  There is a small chance of getting tickets this way.

If tickets are sold out and you need tickets for a Red Sox game, you can try several online ticket brokers.  This is the safest way to get tickets for the game.  Purchasing tickets through a reputable ticket dealer ensures that your tickets are real and your tickets are guaranteed.  You can browse the Red Sox schedule, tickets and ticket prices online at some of these brokers:

The major advantages to buying tickets from an online broker include:
  1. Selection.  You have a large variety and inventory to select from…. you sit where you want!
  2. Your tickets are guaranteed against fraud… your tickets will be 100% legitimate, real tickets
  3. Your tickets will arrive in time for the game or will be available before the game, guaranteed.
  4. You don’t have to carry cash to the game and worry about a crooked scalper selling you fake tickets.
  5. Freedom to choose where you want to sit and what your price range is for each ticket.
  6. Your order will be completely refunded is the game is canceled or not played (this mostly happens in the playoffs… if a team wins in 4 games, game 5, 6 and 7 are not needed).
Things to avoid when buying tickets:
  • Scalpers: This can be an uneasy feeling purchasing tickets from someone that could just take your money and leave you with bad seats, fake tickets, tickets to the wrong game, etc. Scalping can also be illegal so you’re running the risk of getting nabbed by an undercover cop.
  • Craigslist: Meeting up with someone you don’t know to buy tickets can be risky as well.  There are no guarantees at all.
My suggestion is try to get tickets directly from the Red Sox box office and if nothing is available or you want better seats, try a trusted ticket broker like Fenway Ticket King!

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