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Ticket Demand for Red Sox Heating Up Despite Start

Tickets for the Boston Red Sox are still among the top sports tickets in the secondary ticket market.  Fans have waited a long, cold, windy, snowy winter in the Boston area to see their Red Sox come back and kick off a new season.  With the addition of a 3rd World Series trophy in 10 years, the Red Sox shocked baseball analysts in 2013.  Most experts picked the Red Sox to finish 4th… not in the MLB, not in the AL…. in the AL East.  The Sox prevailed and it was the story of unsung heroes, beards and unlikely results that brought Boston back to the World Series.

The 2014 season has been a much anticipated season and there is no doubt, the Red Sox have struggled thus far.  Despite their record and despite their performance thus far, fans are still handing over big bucks for tickets to Red Sox games.  According to Fenway Ticket King, ticket prices are up almost 20% from this time last year.  The price is not deterring Sox fans, Ticket News currently has the Boston Red Sox ranked number 4 overall in sports among tickets sold on the secondary ticket market (ticket resellers).

There is a good chance that ticket prices will even out and become more consistent with last years prices however.  Boston Red Sox tickets are expected to fluctuate and lower based on the team’s performance.  This has yet to be seen, however there are several other factors that are in play when dealing with ticket prices.  Weekend games are usually higher ticket prices.  Games against rivals and good teams also can increase ticket prices and demand.  Also, closer to game day, the starting pitchers can also alter the price of tickets.

If you’re looking at Red Sox tickets for the 2014 season, there is no guarantee that tickets will become cheaper closer to gameday.  However, if you do wait till the last minute, you can still order online.  E-Tickets, next day delivery and local pickup allow fans to order tickets the day before or the day of and still secure their tickets before the game.



Review of FenwayTicketKing.com

So this site called Fenway Ticket King is now showing up on a lot of searches for Red Sox and Fenway related ticket searches on Google.  FenwayTicketKing.com specializes in Boston Red Sox tickets, concerts at Fenway Park and anything else that happens at Fenway Park.

The site is easy to navigate and it is pretty easy to find what you’re looking for.  The interactive seating charts for each Red Sox game is very helpful when browsing for tickets.  The schedule features home games at Fenway Park.

As far as the prices go, the prices are pretty competitive.  I compared prices on several different sites and Fenway Ticket King seems to be the best bet.  The site offers news, seating charts, schedules, history, directions and so much more.  It’s worth it if you’re looking for Boston Red Sox tickets! http://www.fenwayticketking.com