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From Last to Third

All it took was a weekend!  The Red Sox moved from the bottom of the pack to third in the AL East.  They are now 10 – 11 which is half a game behind .500! 

If you were worried at the beginning of the season, no need to be worried now.  In the past 10 games, only two teams in the MLB have 8 or more wins… the Boston Red Sox (5 straight wins) and the Florida Marlins (1 straight win), making Boston the hottest team in the MLB despite their slow start.  Finally winning away games was something that plagued the team and the road record is now 5 – 7. 

The next series for Boston is Tuesday 4/26/11 against the Baltimore Orioles who are now in last place with a record of 8-12.

Jed Lowrie earned a spot in the lineup after starting the season with 22 hits in 51 at bats (.431 average).

Go Sox, keep up the good work!


How will Josh Beckett perform in 2011?

Josh Beckett became an ace for the Florida Marlins just seasons before arriving in Boston.  Beckett was thought to be an instant dominant force in the American League..

Beckett’s best season with the Red Sox was 2007.  After 5 years with the Sox, he has really been up and down.  2 seasons, his ERA was over 5.00.  Is this the Josh Beckett we were hoping for from the Florida Marlins days? 

He allowed 45 home runs combined in the last two seasons and allowed 36 home runs in 2006. His career 4.59 ERA at Fenway Park is much higher than his career 3.68
ERA everywhere else.

Beckett has the potential to be one of the most dominant performers in the MLB.  His best attribute for wins is that the Red Sox seem to put up lots of runs when he pitches.

2011 could be a big year for Beckett.  Consistency and health could help Beckett become the Beckett he was in Florida.  Not for nothing, he is a great pitcher and the Red Sox fans love him, but, there seems to be a difference in his performance.