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Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN: Boston Red Sox

ESPN has released a partial list of games that they will broadcast on Sunday Nights in 2011.  Games involving the Red Sox are as follows:

Red Sox vs Yankees (Sunday, April 10th)
Red Sox vs Cubs (Sunday, May 22nd)
Red Sox vs Rays (Sunday, July 17th)

ESPN will likely be adding more games soon that may or may not feature the Boston Red Sox. 


Chicago Cubs visit Fenway Park in 2011

The Red Sox will be a new team in 2011 for sure.  However, Fenway Park will be the same Fenway Park the Chicago Cubs saw in the 1918 World Series, the last time they visited Fenway Park in Boston.

Anyone remember that?  Yeah… probably not.

Anyway, the Red Sox and Cubs play at Fenway Park this season for inter-league play.  The two “cursed” teams of baseball… the teams with the 2 oldest ballparks… 2 teams from sports cities… 2 teams that are going to be exciting to watch play each other!

When I caught wind of this, I was super excited.  I actually bought tickets the day the schedule was released!

The series should be a good one and I can’t wait.  I think I am more excited about this series than any Red Sox vs Yankees series in 2011.