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And the Sox Move Into 1st

Last night’s 6-4 win and a Yankees loss to the Tampa Bay Rays was enough to move Boston back into first place in the American League East standings.  The Yankees may have 1 game in hand (86 games played to Boston’s 87 games played), however, Boston will have the upper hand come the All Star Break because Boston will have an extra day off. Also, more New York players will be affected by traveling to and from the All Star game.

Once the All Star break is over, Boston will be playing against Tampa Bay and then Baltimore while New York will be taking on Toronto and Tampa Bay.  All four series will be on the road for Boston and New York.  The Red Sox and Yankees won’t play each other until the first week of August when the Yankees travel to Boston for a 3 game series directly after a 4 game series with the Chicago White Sox (they can call it their Sox trip).

As of now, the Boston Red Sox are on pace to reach 97 wins…. BUT keep in mind that they are playing great baseball right now and they had a horrible start to the season.  If Boston’s start wasn’t so bad, they might have a 5 or 6 game lead at this point.

Current AL East Standings (as of 7/8/2011 @ 8:34 am est)

Boston 52 35 .598
NY Yankees 51 35 .593 0.5
Tampa Bay 49 39 .557 3.5
Toronto 42 47 .472 11.0
Baltimore 36 49 .424 15.0

28 Runs in 2 Games!

It appears that swinging the bat is not a problem for the Boston Red Sox.  Last night, the Red Sox defeated the Detroit Tigers 14-1, the night before, the Red Sox defeated the Cleveland Indians 14-2.

What’s going on?  Are the Sox that good or did they run into 2 struggling squads back to back?

No complaints either way! The Boston Red Sox have moved into a tie for first place in the AL East with the New York Yankees.  The Yankees have a slightly better winning percentage because they have played 2 fewer games but the Red Sox look to keep up their winning ways and claim 1st spot to themselves.

Last night’s win for the Sox also brought their road record to .500!  Now they have a winning home record and a winning road record.  Keep it up boys!

It’s actually humorous to look at the standings for the AL Central right now.  The top two teams in the AL Central both show their last game as a loss to Boston giving up 14 runs…

Cleveland 30 17 .638 6-4 L2 19-6 11-11 5/25 vs BOS, L 2-14 5/27 @ TB, 7:10 PM
Detroit 25 24 .510 6.0 4-6 L1 13-9 12-15 5/26 vs BOS, L 1-14 5/27 vs BOS, 7:05 PM