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Report: Red Sox contact Bengie Molina

FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal reports that the Red Sox have made contact
with free agent Bengie Molina but are not ready to move on him yet.

anyone’s guess as to what kind of shape Molina is in these days, but he
could be appealing with Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Jason Varitek
combining to hit .179/.246/.241 in 123 plate appearances this season.
Ivan Rodriguez has also been a name floated as a possibility for the
Sox, but Rosenthal says Boston is “cool” on him. Regardless of who the
target ends up being, it’s become pretty clear that the Sox will seek to
upgrade behind the plate before the trade deadline. Source:
FOXSports.com May 8, 12:28 PM

The sooner the scrap the Saltalamessia experiment, the better.

Molina, if he is in good playing shape cannot be any worse than Saltymess.

I-Rod, even being past his prime cannot hurt. At least he can call a game.

one might need a get in shape assignment in AAA for a few games. Just
get something done soon, get them in shape & get Saltymess out of

I don’t know about Molina, anyway I trust more Salty now than Tek. Salty
could get better, while Varitek is pretty much finished. Quite similar
to Wake, great history with RS but not too much good input in the


Red Sox Pitchers and Catchers Report to Spring Training on Sunday

The Red Sox pitching and catching staff are supposed to report to spring training this Sunday.  A few players are already in the area and eager to get back to work. 

With some new faces in the pitching staff, a little extra work will be much needed.  Learning signs, techniques and tendencies is an important part of spring training.  The catcher and pitchers must always be on the same page and that’s the point of reporting before the rest of the team.

This year, it is going to be interesting to see who will get most of the playing time in the catcher position.  Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Jason Varitek, Mark Wagner and Luis Exposito are all listed as catchers on the Red Sox official roster.  In the system, there are plenty more talented catchers to choose from as well.

Hopefully Fenway Park will be defrosted in time for opening day.

Red Sox Claim Texas Rangers Catcher Max Ramirez

The Red Sox have just claimed another former Rangers catcher off waivers.  Max Ramirez has had the Red Sox manager’s attention for quite some time now.  Who knows what they see in him. 

The Sox just recently lost Victor Martinez and don’t really have a solid #1 catcher.  Varitek is getting slower and his offense isn’t what it used to be. 

Saltalamacchia is so so and can do the job.  Red Sox fans probably all agree that the catching position is the most questionable position in the lineup for 2011.

We’ll have to wait and see if they are gearing up for a trade for a better catcher or if each catcher is going to have a role.