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Is Terry Francona on the Hot Seat?

It might be hard to believe, but it’s true. Francona is a good guy
and he has done a great job as the Red Sox manager. But now he is on the hot seat.

team was predicted to win it all. Even the Sox players themselves
acknowledge they have the talent to win 100 or more games this year, yes 100+.

we’ve been in last place a lot, and there are 20+ teams with better records
in baseball than the Red Sox. This is unacceptable. The team had a poor spring training and nothing seemed to kick start the team when the season started.

Terry Francona is now on the hot seat. If this talented
team continues this pathetic play, then it would be a dereliction f duty
by the ownership not to make a managerial change.

With the talent on the team, they still have the ability to win 100 games, but it will be very difficult and they better kick it on soon!  Francona better hope so too!


From Last to Third

All it took was a weekend!  The Red Sox moved from the bottom of the pack to third in the AL East.  They are now 10 – 11 which is half a game behind .500! 

If you were worried at the beginning of the season, no need to be worried now.  In the past 10 games, only two teams in the MLB have 8 or more wins… the Boston Red Sox (5 straight wins) and the Florida Marlins (1 straight win), making Boston the hottest team in the MLB despite their slow start.  Finally winning away games was something that plagued the team and the road record is now 5 – 7. 

The next series for Boston is Tuesday 4/26/11 against the Baltimore Orioles who are now in last place with a record of 8-12.

Jed Lowrie earned a spot in the lineup after starting the season with 22 hits in 51 at bats (.431 average).

Go Sox, keep up the good work!

Ahhh…. Opening Day

Opening day.  The day where some teams are undefeated and some teams are winless.  Being from New England… I am much looking forward to opening day at Fenway Park.  Although there are no guarantees, the start of baseball in New England typically means no more snow.  Here it is, April 1st, 2011 and we are expecting up to 12 inches of snow in New England.  The general consensus… ENOUGH ALREADY, we just started getting rid of the snow we already had!

Who knows how long it will last…

So the Red Sox will take on the Texas Rangers today for the Rangers home opener.  The Rangers made a good push last year and had a chance at a World Series trophy!  Good for them!  This year, they are without some of the key cogs from last year but still have a solid team.  Keep an eye on them this season, they should be fired up all season.

Many people are saying the Red Sox are the team to beat in the AL and could win 100 + games this season.  Injuries will be the determining factor there!  A healthy Red Sox team will be a successful Red Sox team. 

The biggest question for the Sox is in the shortstop position.  Marco Scutaro will be starting there this season and although everyone loves Jed Lowrie, the management has to consider the young, Jose Iglesias, Pawtucket’s star shortstop.


Oh yeah, and the Fenway Park opener is 1 week away against the New York Yankees!

Every Year There’s One

Every year, there is one player that shows up for Spring Training with something to prove.  They are typically more motivated, in better shape and more eager to get on the field.  This year, it looks to be Clay Buchholz.

Buchholz has been near flawless thus far in spring training and he looks like he’s bringing it!

Last season, Buchholz went 17 and 7 for the Red Sox with a 2.33 ERA.  That is pretty good… VERY GOOD!  With a little more offense, from the Red Sox, he probably would have ended up with 19 or 20 wins. 

If Buchholz improves on last year’s stats, it’s going to be hard to call any one pitcher an “ace” without some serious arguments!  Between Beckett, Lackey, Buchholz and Lester, there is some serious competition for the Ace role.  Also, Wakefield probably won’t go the entire season making starts, but he might make a couple.  And don’t forget Daisuke… when he is healthy, he can be a real asset to the pitching rotation.

The Red Sox have compiled a very competitive pitching staff this year and with improvements in the bullpen, the Sox should have a pretty good defensive year!

Adrian Gonzalez May Play Soon… Very Soon

It will be nice to see newly acquired Red Sox player, Adrian Gonzalez, in action for the first time.  That may happen next week, sooner if all goes well.

The Red Sox have been playing spring training baseball down in Fort Myers and the most action Gonzalez has seen so far was taking a few swings off a tee and minor batting practice.

Assuming nothing is wrong, he will be evaluated and the Red Sox will make a decision on letting him play this week or next week.  Spring training is much less competitive than regular season play so it won’t be a huge risk and will help Adrian get ready for the season with the rest of the team.

Spring training is any team’s way of shaking the rust off and gearing up for another season.  Looking ahead, April isn’t too far off.  The Red Sox home opener against the Yankees is now about a month and a half away or less.

Seeing a healthy lineup on opening day would be a great way to start the season in the mind of any Sox fan! The AL East is going to depend on the health of the Red Sox!

Go Sox!

Jed Lowrie Preparing to Play Every Day, But Understands His Utility Role

Jed Lowrie has entered the 2011 season with the understanding that he will not be playing the same position every day.

In fact, the infielder may not even be playing every day — a
condition that he has come to terms with considering the depth of the
team that he is playing for.

“I don’t think it’s because I don’t have the ability to be an
everyday player, it’s just that this is a really good team with
All-Stars at pretty much every position,” Lowrie said in an interview
with Don Orsillo. “I’m still young in my career and I
know that I’ll get my opportunity and I’m looking forward to being the
productive baseball player that I know I’m capable of being.”

New Fenway Park Video Scoreboards

The Boston Red Sox will have 3 new outfield video scoreboards on display for the 2011 season.  The video scoreboards replace the outdated scoreboard presently located above the right field bleachers.

Some concerns were that the legendary John Hancock sign would need to be moved or would not be there.  Red Sox ownership however, has been real good about preserving Fenway Park but making much needed upgrades to the oldest ballpark in the MLB.

Red Sox fans can check out the video below to see the locations and specifications of the new scoreboards below.