About redsoxticketsandnews

I am from New England so I am required by
law to be a Red Sox fan (not really, but pretty close). As a
kid, I was more into the baseball cards and didn’t really
watch many games. In high school, I became a fan, watching a
majority of the games (not all, but most). By the time I was
in college, I watched pretty much every game. When the Sox
won the World Series in 2004, I stepped back the amount of
games I watched and was still a huge fan, but not a
“diehard”. Now, I have been to spring training several times,
a few regular season games every year and even got to go to 2
playoff games in the past few years. Would I like to go to
Fenway more? Sure, who wouldn’t? But by the time I am out of
work and the commute to Boston, parking and so on, the game
would be half over. That’s okay for some, but I need to watch
the game from the start to watch the end. I now work for a
company that actually sells Boston Red Sox tickets. That’s
not why I started this blog… I just need a way to talk and
express my Red Sox thoughts. I don’t know every player on
every team and all the minor league players so if you start
talking to me about that, I might get lost. I can keep up
with most players on AL East teams though.


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